Saturday, June 27, 2009


Romantic comedy

Larry David: retired quantum physicist Boris Yellnikoff
Evan Rachel Wood: 20-something-year-old Southern belle Melody St. Ann Celestine
Patricia Clarkson: her mother Marietta
Henry Cavill: an upcoming actor Randy James
Ed Begley: Melody’s father John

You are going to have a wonderful time if you enjoy watching an ill-tempered, cynical, pessimistic, misanthropic, egotistical man strut his stuff. The rest of us should give it a pass.

Some of the things he says, makes me cringe: I do not find it funny when a self-grandizing narcissist demeans others. And that sort of behaviour is pervasive.

One other thing: although research has also shown that direct address has the potential to foster stronger bonds between viewers and the characters on screen I find it distracting, a reminder that what we are watching is not real, that it is all play acting.

for sexual situations including dialogue, brief nude images and thematic material.

• While sitting with his buddies at an outdoor cafe the napkin in front of Boris’ buddy changes positions between different camera angles as does the spoon in front of their friend.
• When the lady is mouthing off at her child’s chess teacher she flubs her line; this is something that should have wound up on the cutting floor and replaced with a second take.

Direct address: when one of the characters gazes directly into the camera and, in essence, speaks directly to the viewer.

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