Thursday, June 18, 2009



Mark Ruffalo: thirty-something Stephen Bloom (I think that’s his name)
Adrien Brody: Bloom, his younger brother (who has no first name?)
Rinko Kikuchi: Stephen's girlfriend Bang Bang
Rachel Weisz: wealthy heiress Penelope Stamp
Robbie Coltrane: Melville
Maximilian Schell: Diamond Dog

We get a premonition of things to come when as kids Stephen draws out on paper an elaborate, complicated, convoluted diagram of their next con. Yet even with the “one picture is worth a thousand words” it’s virtually impossible to keep track of what is going on.

And it doesn’t get any easier when they set about to do one last con job some 25 years later as adults. As expected with any caper movie things are not always what they seem . But the writer and \or director don’t know when to stop; just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something else comes up. Constantly having the rug pulled out from under you soon becomes annoying. And it goes on far too long: almost two hours of non-stop twists and turns will test the patience of many.

for violence, some sensuality and brief strong language.

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