Thursday, June 4, 2009


In Spanish with English subtitles
Original title: Rudo y Cursi
Sports drama

Diego Luna: Beto nicknamed Rudo (rude, gruff, loutish) Verdusco, banana plantation foreman
Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal: his younger half-brother Tato nicknamed Cursi (corny)
Dolores Heredia: their mother Elvira
Guillermo Francella: soccer scout Batuta (baton)
Jessica Mas: sexy TV weathergirl Maya

Nicely paced with some good performances (and one really bad one) this is the story of two half-brothers beng exposed to the big leagues in the big city. Not unexpectedly, they have to come to grips with many challenges, on the field and off.

Although their lives are centered around soccer, there is very little of the game actually shown on screen. Mostly it’s the reactions of the coach or the spectators. That gives you some idea where the emphasis is: it’s mainly about things off the field except for the inevitable “Big Game”, an essential component of every sports movie ever produced.

for pervasive language, sexual content and brief drug use.

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