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John Krasinski: 34-year-old insurance salesman Burt Farlander
Maya Rudolph: his girlfriend Verona De Tessant, a medical illustrator
Catherine O’Hara: Burt’s mother Gloria
Jeff Daniels: Burt’s father Jerry
Allison Janney: Verona’s former boss Lily
Carmen Ejogo: Verona’s younger sister Grace
Maggie Gyllenhaal: Burt’s childhood friend university professor Ellen (aka LN)
Melanie Lynskey: Munch, an old friend from college
Chris Messina: her husband Tom
Paul Schneider: Burt’s brother Courtney

There are few opening scenes to match this one: the explicit depiction of cunninglingus. This sets the tone and might be enough for some to leave the theatre right there and then. I wish I had.

Ostensibly a road trip to find a place to bring up their soon-to-be-born baby, Burt and Verona meet up with the largest collection of people whose behaviour is either inappropriate or bizarre. Sometimes both. Either way it’s difficult to watch and not at all funny.

I left when I could take no more.

for language and some sexual content.

• Bert is nursing his drink (one of those cocktails with an umbrella in it) and gets about half way through before leaving to take a call on his cellphone. With the change in camera angle looking back at his table, we can see that the drink had refilled itself and his glass once more is completely full.
• Upon their arrival in Montreal Bert and Verona take a taxi to their friends house. It’s black and orange; Montreal taxis are anything but.
• While driving down the street they pass several signs indicting parking restrictions which are entirely in English whereas in Monteal these would be in French.
• Remo’s Restaurant is located in Toronto, Ontario not in Montreal.

I was sorely tempted to walk out earlier but I knew that Montreal was on their itinerary and was hoping I could pick up a few Nitpicks when they got there. As you can see my patience was rewarded.

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Veronica Britt said...

Based on your review, this film might have crazy scenes but i think its interesting.