Friday, June 19, 2009


In Italian with English subtitles

Toni Servillo: Italian parliamentarian Giulio Andreotti
Anna Bonaiuto: his wife Livia
and dozens of others but I don’t know who they are

Full disclosure: I did not research the subject material before seeing the movie. Consequently I got completely lost in the maze of unfamiliar events and personages. Even by paying close attention to the subtitles that remain on the screen only briefly, I was unable to truly appreciate what was going on except for three things:
• Servillo is one heckuva actor and his monologue halfway through is a dandy
• the music, an eclectic mix of classical and modern rhythm, fits beautifully with the screen action
• the cinemaphotography is first class

for disturbing images and explicit portrayals of violence.

I read the following comment that might have helped had I known about this before going to see the movie:
“in the first half of the movie we see the events that took place in Italy during Andreotti's reign from his point of view: in the second half we see the same events again but more objectively”

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