Sunday, September 29, 2013


Animated action\adventure

Bill Hader: lifelong inventor Flint Lockwood
Neil Patrick Harris: Flint’s “assistant” Steve, a monkey
Will Forte: world-famous inventor Chester V, head of the Live Corp.
James Caan: his father Tim, owner of a bait and tackle shop
Anna Faris: Samantha “Sam” Sparks, the weather network intern
Benjamin Bratt: Manny, the tv cameraman
Terry Crews: Earl Devereaux, the town policeman

Definitely geared to children, anyone who is not should not be too harsh in judging its excesses. Adults will see it as a pleasant diversion with lots of clever lines providing more than a few comic moments (and some outright laughs) even when things get a little bit gross.

The technical aspect is beyond reproach: the CGI rendering is stunning, the detail quite amazing, the colours brilliant. And the imaginative transformation of vegetables into something resembling people is clever.


for mild rude humour.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Chris Hemsworth: British racing driver James Hunt
Danile Brühl: Austrian racing driver Niki Lauda
Pierfrancesco Favino: BRM Formula One team driver Clay Regazzoni
Christian McKay: financier Lord Alexander Hesketh
Olivia Wilde: supermodel Suzy Miller
Alexandra Maria Lara: socialite Marlene Knaus

This is the true story of two of Formula One’s best-ever drivers and the rivalry between them that made the 1976 season one of the best. Between exciting racing sequences time is given for in-depth character studies of the two men.

Strong performances by the entire cast and great attention to detail make this a must-see for every racing fan. But even those who do not follow the sport will find it an entertaining two hours as the focus is not entirely on the sport itself. The wonderful orchestral soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is an added bonus.


for sexual content, nudity, language, some disturbing images and brief drug use.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


In French with English sub-titles

Gabrielle Marion-Rivard: 22-year-old Gabrielle
Alexandre Landry: 25-year-old Martin
Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin: Gabrielle’s sister Sophie
Isabelle Vincent: Gabrielle’s mother
Marie Gignac: Martin’s mother

This simple love story is different in the sense the couple are mentally challenged and so that adds another layer of difficulty to their relationship. Music is the other thing they have in common and so a lot of screen time is devoted to their singing in a choir between interludes of struggling for love and independence.

for for sexual content, brief nudity.        

Marion-Rivard has Williams syndrome, a rare neurodevelopment disorder which is characterized by a distinctive “elfin” facial appearance often with widely spaced teeth, an unusually cheerful demeanour, ease with strangers and developmental delay.

Friday, September 6, 2013



Cate Blanchett: socialite Jasmine Francis
Sally Hawkins: her sister Ginger
Andrew Dice Clay: Ginger’s husband Augie
Alec Baldwin: Jasmine's financier husband Harold “Hal” 
Alden Ehrenreich: Hal’s son and Jasmine’s step-son Danny
Bobby Cannavale: Ginger’s friend Chili
Louis C.K.: sound engineer Al
Michael Stuhlbarg: Dr. Flicker
Peter Sarsgaard: wealthy aspiring politician Dwight Westlake

Not an easy film to watch because of the disturbing, dark-edged character portrayed by Cate Blanchett in what has got to be her finest performance to date.
However she is not alone in terms of good acting: Sally Hawkins practically steals every scene she’s in and several supporting actors do an excellent job as well.

Using the parallel storyline construct we get to see both sides of Jasmine’s life; not all of it is pretty but there is a ring of truth to it. Perhaps that is why it leaves such an impact on the viewer? 

for mature thematic material, language and sexual content.

Monday, September 2, 2013


 Biographical drama

Ashton Kutcher: Steve Jobs
Lukas Haas: Steve’s friend Daniel Kottke
John Getz: Steve’s adoptive father Paul
Lesley Ann Warren: his adoptive mother Clara
Josh Gad: Steve’s childhood friend Steve Wozniak
Brad Henke: store owner Paul Terrell
Dermot Mulroney: venture capitalist Mike Markkula
Ahna O’Reilly: Steve’s high school girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan
Matthew Modine: newly appointed CEO John Sculley
J.K. Simmons: Arthur Rock, major shareholder of Apple Computer Inc.
Kevin Dunn: Gil Amelio, Sculley’s replacement as CEO

Billed as the story of Steve Jobs from 1974 while a student to 2001 with the introduction of the iPod it really skips over huge chunks of time including the last 15 years of his life. With the emphasis on the business side of the man, short shrift is given to his personal life: some people simply disappear and are no longer mentioned whereas others pop-up unexpectedly without explanation.

In mannerism, physique and voice Kutcher truly portrays the man with what is probably his best performance to date.

A tad too long at two hours and seven minutes there is ample opportunity to whittle it down by eliminating the swirling about in the tall grass or the entire jaunt to India that do not add anything to the storyline.

for some drug content and brief strong language.

Pong, the first computer video game, was developed by Allan Alcom not by Wozniak.
The Apple II was introduced at the West Coast Computer Faire, spelled with an e not Fair as shown in the movie.
A half empty bottle of beer on the table in front of Jobs is out of place: throughout his life he was a teetotaller and would not have touched the stuff.