Saturday, April 14, 2007



Lukas Haas: Will Morrison
R.H. Thomson: Dr. Arthur Bloom, his best friend’s father
Wendy Crewson: his wife Mary
Adam Scott: Daniel Bloom, Will’s childhood buddy
Molly Parker: Maggie Claire, their friend

Getting together at the summer cottage can provide an opportunity to catch up with old friends. With a leisurely pace, we get to see what they’ve been up to the past few years.

There is some fine acting and the scenery is stunning.

Warning: some people might be shocked at the frank use of some sexual terms and/or the brief porno scenes on the television.

for mature themes, sexual situations, vulgarity and language.

With his hands clasped together at the dinner table while talking about his recent travels, Will doesn’t touch his unfinished meal. But his fork moves from pointing straight at us or off to one side.

Maggie sits down to have a drink out of a nice decanter. Viewed from the side the liquid level is up to mid-shoulder of the bottle whereas seen from the front it is one-third empty and she hasn’t touched it yet.

During dinner Danny is eating directly from the salad bowl on his right-hand side. The camera shifts momentarily to get Will’s reaction then right back to Danny. The salad bowl is now no where to be seen.

Maggie puts her bag in the boat, which is pointed towards the back of the boathouse. She says goodbye to Danny and we hear the motor start. The viewpoint changes and we see that the boat has done a 180 by itself as she drives straight out.

The title apparently comes from a song by that name which we never get to hear. Strange.

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