Sunday, April 29, 2007



Roy Dupuis: Detective Conk Adams
Jane McGregor: young archaeologist Catherine Nyland
Gordon Tootoosis: Aboriginal elder Harold and healer

Although ostensibly a murder mystery, it soon becomes bogged down (pun intended) in the healing rituals of Native American bog lands, a subject of disinterest to many and therefore a bit of a bore.

The title gives some hint at what is to come: finding that place where things are better. Well the movie itself would have been better had they not cast such a young attractive woman to be the “tough experienced forensic anthropologist” and “highly regarded university professor”. That’s a lot for a twenty-something to carry and frankly it just does not ring true. She looks totally out of place in this role. And her situation is not helped by having to deliver corny lines like, “I need to know what all this means”. So do we.

for General Audiences.

The end credits always show the catering firm employed for that purpose during the actual filming. This particular production, filmed in remote North Bay Ontario, had to rely on the local Tim Hortons coffee shop for food. I kid you not.

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