Monday, April 9, 2007


Drama, thriller

Sandra Bullock: Linda Hanson, homemaker
Julian McMahon: her husband Jim
Kate Nelligan: her mother Joanne
Nia Long: her best friend Annie

I don’t think they should shoot a movie based on the first draft of the screenplay. Especially when the main premise is about time-shift. There has to be some logic to it so we, the viewers, at least have a chance of figuring it all out by ourselves.

Had they done a rewrite, the movie would have been less convoluted and without so many loose ends. As it stands, it’s a mess and you walk out with that unsettling feeling of “wot happened?”

for some violent content, disturbing images, thematic material and brief language.

When Linda is speaking with the priest his left arm is either draped over the back of the pew or bent in front of him depending upon which point of view is on screen.

Product placement is so blatant: every shot of Linda in her SUV lingers on the Ford crest on the grill and when she goes to her husband’s office I swear every car in the parking lot is a Ford SUV, all nicely lined up facing us so we can see the crest. If you will excuse the pun all I can say is how pedestrian.

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