Tuesday, April 24, 2007



Simon Pegg: Police Constable Nicholas Angel
Nick Frost: P.C. Danny Butterman
Jim Broadbent: Inspector Frank Butterman
Timothy Dalton: Simon Skinner, supermarket manager

Spoofs of cops-and-robbers movies generally rely upon exaggeration and this one has that component in all of the action sequences. However an unusual combination of British-style of movie making and that of Hollywood sets this one apart from the others.

The “Brits” are particularly good at doing murder mystery movies and of course their style of humour is well known and much appreciated by many. Combine that with the “buddy-type” movie and spectacular action sequences Hollywood does so well and you got one dandy movie.

Just about every known humorous device has been included: sight gags, clever one-liners, outrageous double-entendres, sarcasm galore, deadpan dry wit, charming eccentrics. In itself, the humour is very entertaining although there are some misses. And you get to solve a murder mystery as well.

But there is one note of caution: like a lot of other things in the movie that are being satirised, so too is the “gore factor” and no attempt has been made to keep it to reasonable levels. The squeamish will find several scenes quite repulsive.

One criticism though: it goes on a little too long with a running time of just over two hours.

for violent content including some graphic images (really graphic, gory images), and language.

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