Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Action, political thriller

Mark Wahlberg: Bob Lee Swagger, ex-United States Marine Corps sharpshooter
Danny Glover: C.I.A. agent, retired Colonel Isaac Johnson
Michael Peña: rookie F.B.I. agent Nick Memphis
Alan C. Peterson: police Officer Stanley Timmons
Kate Mara: Sarah Fenn, widow of Swagger’s ex-Marine partner
Ned Beatty: U.S. Senator Charles F. Meachum

Certainly not the worst of its kind, once it gets going this non-stop action thriller is entertaining enough. Of course an essential requirement for viewing any movie like this is a suspension of disbelief and a willingness to forgive plot contrivances.

It would have been better had they cut out some of the action sequences to keep it under two hours. This is a problem common to these kinds of movies: if one explosion is good, four is better. Well, not for everyone.

for strong graphic violence and some language.

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