Friday, March 21, 2008



Charlize Theron: 30-something-year-old Joleen Reedy
AnnaSophia Robb: her 11-year-old daughter Tara
Nick Stahl: Joleen’s younger brother James
Woody Harrelson: his friend Randall
Dennis Hopper: the father of Joleen and James

If you’ve had a bad day yourself, pass on going to see this film. The central theme is simple enough: the choice one makes impacts not only ourselves but also others. And of course some people are prone to making bad choices more often than good ones. However all this reality can become depressing.

On the other hand it can provide an opportunity to see some really fine acting by a young person (Robb as Tara) especially during the time she is out on the farm.

The film editor has done an excellent job as virtually every shot we see advances the story, albeit at a rather turgid pace. Hardly anything can be edited out without some loss of story development.

Very little screen time is given to the more experienced actors (Theron and Hopper) but both pack a wallop in their performances.

for language and a scene of violence.

Anyone a bit squeamish will want to avert their eyes during the episode in the barn of the very bloody birth of a stillborn calf.

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