Friday, March 14, 2008


Animated cartoon

Jim Carrey: Horton the elephant
Seth Rogen: his pal Morton the mouse
Carol Burnett: the Kangaroo
Steve Carell: Mayor of Who-ville
Amy Poehler: his wife Sally O’Malley
Isla Fisher: Who-ville scientist Dr. Mary Lou LaRue
Will Arnett: Vlad the vulture
Narration by Charles Osgood

You could do a lot worst on a Saturday afternoon than going to see this one, especially if you have young ones along with you. But it lacks certain required elements both from the kid’s point-of-view and that of the adults. The result is somewhat disappointing despite the quality of the CGI and a good story line.

For starters, it has only a few amusing moments and just one really good laugh-out-loud joke. Kids all love the rude bodily sounds and giggle knowingly whenever they hear them but there are none. Nor are there any double entendres, clever dialog “for adults only” that make the kids ask, “what are you laughing at mommy?”

There is the requisite fast-talking sidekick but the little fellow has very limited screen time so really plays a minor part in the scheme of things. And there is hardly a happy tune to be heard the whole time which runs a tad too long.


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