Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Crime thriller
Based on a true story

During the First World War British secret services were divided into numbered sections referred to as Military Intelligence, number X. For example section MI-1 was devoted to code breaking. Section MI-5 was made responsible for internal UK and overseas British territories intelligence. Section MI-6 was responsible for external intelligence. Both MI5 and MI6 operate abroad and at home, but in different ways: MI5 concentrates on protecting British citizens and British interests wherever they might be in the world, whereas MI6 concentrates on gathering intelligence which might be of use to the government.

In 1912 before the outbreak of the First World War, the British Admiralty and the War Office decided that they needed some means of preventing the press from publishing information that might be of value to a future enemy. Consequently the Defence Advisory Notice system was implemented. Each D-Notice was an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects, for reasons of national security.

Saphron Burrows: former model Martine Love
Richard Lintern: her lover Tim Everett, a MI-5 agent
Jason Statham: Terry Leather, garage owner
Stephen Campbell Moore: his drinking buddy Kevin
Daniel Mays: their friend Dave
David Suchet: Lew Vogel, owner of a sex club
Peter De Jersey: Michael X, a Black Power revolutionary

Perhaps some liberties have been taken in the telling of this story but for the most part it rings true. Unlike most movies of this type, it evolves in a straightforward chronological manner without the usual flashbacks. Just as well because it is complicated enough with several sub-plots as the principals get involved in other people who have their own problems. And it is always a good idea to remember that government agencies sometimes resort to criminal methods, often having others do the dirty work. Watergate comes to mind.

for violence, profanity, nudity and sexual situations (they got that right!)

 The leather goods shop named Le Sac has the Barclaycard/VISA decal stuck on the window. Although it was the first credit card introduced in the UK back in 1966, Barclaycard did not become part of the VISA network until 1977, some six years after these events took place.
 The date on the tombstone written in Roman numerals ends with XV not IX which means the year 15 not 9 as stated by one of the guys when he sees it.

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