Wednesday, March 5, 2008


In Portuguese with English subtitles

In a sense this is a continuation of the movie The City of God that was playing five years ago that told the story of poor Brazilian children struggling to survive in the gang-ruled slum-district of Rio de Janeiro known as Dead-End Hill.

Douglas Silva: 17-year-old security guard Acerola known as Ace
Camila Monteiro: his wife Cris
Darlan Cunha: Ace’s best friend Laranjinha, a motorcycle taxi-driver known as Wallace
Naima Silva: his girlfriend Camila

Although the principal story line is about the two close friends, they get caught up in the turf wars of rival gangs. Without taking time to clearly identify and establish these gangs, when the fighting takes place it is impossible to figure out who is who much less on whose side the principals are associated with. Given that half the movie involves these people that is a major shortcoming.

Almost 2 hours long, repetitive scenes such as Ace and Wallace on a motorcycle scooting along a coastal road could have easily been edited out. The acting is so-so and the musical score practically non-existent.

for violent content, language and some sexuality.

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