Sunday, November 6, 2005


Sports drama

Betting is illegal in 49 states, but giving people advice on betting is not.

Matthew McConaughey: former football player turned Las Vegas odds maker
Al Pacino: Walter Abrams, owner of a sports betting hot line business operating out of New York city
Rene Russo: Toni, Walter’s long-suffering wife
Jeremy Piven: Jerry, one of Walter’s star sports line win-predictors

This is a terrific insight into another one of those “grey zone” activities that are legal but just. Helping people to gamble for some is a question of morality. Not for these guys. It’s their living.

And it’s a business full of energy; especially as played by Al Pacino who’s at his volcanic best…it’s almost scary to watch.

There are several loose ends, questions that don’t get answered but hey, the movie does not pretend to be a documentary.

for pervasive language (frequent use of the f-word and other swear words), a scene of sexuality (can hardly tell if they’re naked or not) and a violent act (not really).

Promoted as “based on a true story”, perhaps those who make use of these hot lines know without having to be told, but for the rest of us there is nothing in the credits or elsewhere providing any clue as to who was the real person.

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