Saturday, November 5, 2005



Lou Pucci: Justin Cobb, a 17-year-old high school senior
Tilda Swinton: Justin’s mother Audrey, a rehab clinic nurse
Vincent D'Onofrio: Justin’s father Mike, a furniture salesman
Chase Offerle: Justin’s younger brother Joel
Vince Vauhgn: Mr. Geary, the school debate team coach
Keanu Reeves: Justin’s orthodontist Dr. Perry Lyman
Benjamin Bratt: Matt Schramm, popular television soap opera star
Kelli Garner: Rebecca, one of Justin’s classmates

The movie is about discovery and growth within ourselves and others. What makes this one different from other “coming of age” movies is that it does not seem like one. Everybody looks and acts normally, they don’t wear flashy clothes, and no one has on heavy makeup. In a word, it looks real. How refreshing.

for drug and alcohol use, sexuality involving teens, language (the f-word) and a disturbing image (have no idea what they’re talking about..nothing disturbed me).

In any other movie the following "goof" if not edited out would be a nitpick; in this one it’s just part of the natural look about it:
Justin comes into the kitchen from some other room and catches his jacket on the doorknob which spins him around and almost drops him to the floor.

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