Saturday, November 19, 2005


Animated children’s story

Zach Braff: Chicken Little
Garry Marshall: his dad Buck Cluck, a former high school jock
Joan Cusack: Abby “The Ugly Duckling” Mallard
Steve Zahn: Runt of the Litter, a friend who’s very much into music
Amy Sedaris: Foxy Loxy, all-star school athlete
Dan Molina: Fish Out of Water
Don Knotts:Turkey Lurkey, Mayor of Oakley Oaks

The movie will never become as popular as the old classic story despite the fact it has been brought up-to-date in a more modern setting.
From the reaction of the audience it seems your satisfaction with the movie is inversely proportional with your age: the little tykes loved it, their parents less so. The frantic pace, too much time spent at the ball game and the absence of any adult-only humour makes it a bit of a drag.
Suggestion: send the kids with their baby-sitter and pick another movie for yourself.


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