Monday, November 21, 2005


Romantic comedy

When these events take place in 1797, the French Revolution was underway and the English nobility were very worried something similar might happen there. So they decided to assimilate more with the lower class. They organised Assembly Room dances held in village halls that provided the opportunity of the two classes to intermingle socially, something that previously was never done. These dances effectively broadened the marriage prospects of both classes.

Since women had no status in eighteenth century England, the law stipulated that only male offspring could inherit property so women knew they must marry well. Frequently their mothers took on the task of finding a suitable husband for them before they became “too old”.

Keira Knightley: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bennet, 20-years old and second eldest of five sisters
Brenda Blethyn: the mother
Donald Sutherland: the father
Rosamund Pike: the oldest daughter, Jane
Simon Woods: Mr. Bingley, a rich young bachelor, recently moved into a nearby estate
Kelly Reilly: Mr. Bingley’s sister Caroline
Matthew MacFadyen: Mr. Bingley’s wealthy best friend, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, 28- years old
Tom Hollander: Mr. Collins, a clergyman
Dame Judi Dench: Mr. Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Rupert Friend: Mr. Wickham, a lieutenant in the local militia

A classic story beautifully filmed and marvellously acted.

for some mild thematic elements.

This movie will undoubtedly be nominated (and probably win) several Oscar awards including Best Picture, Cinematography, Production Design, Art Direction, Costume Design, Acting in a Leading Role, Acting in a Supporting Role as well as several technical awards such as Sound Production. It is simply that good.

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