Saturday, November 26, 2005


Sports drama
In French with English subtitles

Maurice Richard was one of the best players in NHL history. Not an outstanding stick-handler nor great skater, he excelled through sheer force of will. Driven by desire so fierce his glare unhinged rival goaltenders, the Montreal Canadians star set numerous records. "The Rocket" thrilled fans everywhere and was regarded as a cultural icon among Quebecois who revered him as "Saint Maurice”.

Born in Saskatchewan and educated at England's Oxford University, NHL President Clarence Campbell is often described as imperious and arrogant. Most French Canadians regarded him as a symbol of the disdained anglophone ruling elite. In March 1955, against the advice of many, he attended a Montreal Canadians home game and the consequences made headlines worldwide.

Roy Dupuis: Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, hockey player
Julie LeBreton: his wife, Lucille
Michel Barrette: her father, Père Norchet
Diane Lavallée: her mother, Alice
Pierre-Francois Legendre: Maurice’s brother-in-law, Georges
Stephen McHattie: Dick Irvin Sr., Montreal Canadians Head Coach
Tony Calabretta: Frank Selke, Montreal Canadians General Manager

An honest depiction of one of the greatest stars of the game and an insight into the internal politics of hockey as practised back in those days. The acting is uniformly excellent, the sports action well done and the story well written. Even for the non-sports fan, it is an entertaining movie because a lot of the story takes place off the ice.


Everything is historically correct even to the salt shakers on the tavern tables which were used to “salt” each draft beer, a practice no longer in vogue.

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