Sunday, June 9, 2013



Vince Vaughn: mid-40’s watch salesman Billy McMahon
Owen Wilson: his partner Nick Campbell
Josh Brener: 23 year-old Google team manager Lyle
Assif Mandvi: Mr. Chetty, head of Google’s internship program
Tobit Raphael: overachiever Yo-Yo
Dylan O’Brien: brainy Stuart
Tiya Sircar: Neha, the token girl on the team
Rose Byrne: Google executive Dana

After a very long protracted start, the plot soon becomes utterly predictable with only the setting at the Google complex providing anything new that has not already been seen/used hundreds of times. Essentially a rehash of the underdogs (Billy and Nick) confronting overwhelming odds (getting a job at Google) and somehow doing better than expected.

Instead of clever writing the humour relies upon recycling worn-out overused juvenile sex jokes and a couple of new ones that need not be repeated as they are an affront to the elderly or to those with a weight problem.

Speaking of repeating: that technique is employed more than once just in case we don’t get the joke the first time resulting in an overlong two hours running time.

 for sexuality, some crude humour, partying and language.


  • During a business dinner meeting, Billy’s glass of red wine moves further away from him although he never once touches it.
  • Poorly done ADR results in  the movement of the lips being out of sync with what is being said by Nick’s sister.
  • While Mr. Chetty is addressing the candidates Billy’s beanie disappears from time to time.
  • When play resumes after the half-time break, the scoreboard incorrectly shows it to still be period 1.
  • One of the interns has his headphones around his neck with the large pads showing but in the final shot even though he didn’t touch they have flipped over with the red exterior now showing.

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