Thursday, June 6, 2013


 Romantic comedy
Portions in Danish with English subtitles
Original title: Den skaldede frisør

Trine Dyrholm: Ida, a hairdresser
Kim Bodnia: her husband Leif
Molly Egelind: their daughter Astrid
Sebastian Jessen: Astrid’s fiancé Patrick
Pierce Bosnan: Patrick’s father wealthy business tycoon Philip
Paprika Steen: Philip’s sister-in-law Benedikte

Unlike most movies of this genre, this one is about young love and grown-up romance. The differences make for an interesting study in human psychology. That is but one of the unusual aspects of this movie: it shuns most of the clichés associated with romantic comedies and so it comes across as more real and closer to the truth than the usual run-of-the-mill sort. How refreshing. 

Apart from a few questionable plot devices and a subplot involving one of the daughters that goes nowhere, the story evolves at a nice pace. Dyrholm’s performance is letter perfect and Brosnan has never been better.

As an added bonus we are treated to the lushness of the Southern Italian countryside. Almost makes you want to pack you bag and go. But before doing so, go see this movie: your effort will be well rewarded.

 for sexually suggestive scene, nudity and coarse language.

  • Ida tells her doctor she does not want to have any reconstructive surgery but when she comes to shore after a brief dip it is clearly evident she had the work done.
  • Philip explains that they pruned the orange trees so they would bear lemons; to accomplish this you have to graft the trees not prune them.

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