Monday, June 3, 2013


 Crime caper

Jesse Eisenberg: slight of hand magician Daniel Atlas
Dave Franco: con man Jack Wilder
Isla Fisher: escape artist Henley Reeves
Woody Harrelson: mentalist Merritt Osbourne
Michael Caine: insurance magnate Arthur Tessler
Mark Ruffalo: FBI agent Dylan Rhodes
Mélanie Laurent: French Interpol agent Alma Vargas
Morgan Freeman: magic debunker Thaddeus Bradley

What a mess. Such a waste of talent (and loads of money no doubt). The best that can be said about this movie is the fact there are some good performances and the one car chase scene is well done.

Apart from that it is one big let down because at the end we are provided a confusing, totally inadequate explanation of what transpired. Like all movies of this sort, the twist should not come from out of the blue with no forewarning and various plot points need to be resolved. Instead we are left with unanswered questions so you walk out wondering “what the heck was that all about?”


for language, some action and sexual content.

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