Monday, March 19, 2012


Animated musical comedy

Zac Efron: 12-year-old Ted Wiggins
Taylor Swift: Audrey, the girl of his dreams
Betty White: Ted’s Grammy Norma
Jenny Slate: Ted’s mother
Danny DeVito: the Lorax, self-appointed guardian of the trees
Rob Riggle: Aloysius O'Hare, head of the O’Hare Air company
Ed Helms: the Once-ler

Sending a strong message of what might happen with uncontrolled use of our natural resources, this tale spins out amidst some of the most colourful backgrounds seen lately. Everything is bright, even gaudy, with some cute cuddly creatures with great big eyes appearing from time to time.

It moves along aided in part by some upbeat song and dances and Ted’s speedy sequences on his motorbike. Unlike most films geared to the younger set, there are no rude noises for them to giggle at and no double entendres for us older folk.

for brief mild language.

When Tim and Audrey are laying down head to foot, the relative position of their heads to one another varies from scene to scene.

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