Saturday, March 31, 2012


In Hebrew with English subtitles

The Israel Prize is the country's highest honour and has been given since 1953 to outstanding citizens in (a) the humanities, social sciences, and Jewish studies; (b) the natural and exact sciences, (c) culture and the arts, and (d) lifetime achievement and exceptional contribution to the nation.

Shlomo Bar Aba: Professor Eliezer Shkolnik
Lior Ashkenazi: his son Professor Uriel Shkolnik
Alisa Rosen: Eliezer’s wife Yehudit
Alma Zack: Uriel’s wife Dikla
Micah Lewensohn: Yehuda Grossman, Chairman of the awards committee
Yuval Scharf: newspaper reporter Noa

Many father-son relationships are difficult and in this case more so because they are both professors and specialists in their chosen field but both not recognized for their work in the same manner.

Not being of the Jewish faith I was overwhelmed trying to understand the nuance between the two areas of Talmudic study despite a great deal of time being spent pointing out the differences. Perhaps to others this is an important point: to me it served only to muddy the waters as in hindsight it’s irrelevant to the crux of the story.

Another thing I could have done without is the bombastic musical score that almost overtakes the on-screen drama, often setting the mood before we see for ourselves what is going on.

For reasons that escape me there are two or three events that seem out of place with the rest of the movie and makes me wonder why were they included since dead-ends serve no useful purpose unless it’s a “who-dunnit” type movie. And this is not one.

for thematic elements, brief nudity, language and smoking.

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