Sunday, March 25, 2012


Romantic comedy

Adam Scott: advertising executive Jason
Jennifer Westfeldt: his long time friend foundation staffer Julie
Maya Rudolph: 38-year-old Leslie
Chris O’Dowd: her husband 32-year-old Alex
Kristen Wiig: their friend Missy
Jon Hamm: her husband Ben
Megan Fox: Broadway chorus dancer Mary Jane
Edward Burns: divorced father Kurt

A lot of the dialog is just one notch up from gangster rap what with the blatant references to all things sexual and rude hand gestures just in case you missed the point. Almost every verbal exchange includes the f-word at least once as this potty-mouth crowd even uses the word in front of children. What a fine example of parenthood that is!

The visual jokes are infantile: I kid you not, relying on such hilarious things as a photo of their child’s first "poo in the potty" or a feces smeared father changing the child’s diaper. Doesn’t get any better than that I’ll tell you.

Although I walked out and didn’t get to see the ending I have little doubt about how everything plays out given the fact everything up to that point was so déjà-vu.

for sexual content and language.

The product placement rotating bottle nitpick. From one shot to the next the bottle rotates without being touched so that the label is clearly seen. In this instance all this takes place while Jason and/or Kurt are drinking their beer of choice, Budweiser.
• When Jason abruptly turns his car around he does so illegally because he’s on a one-way street.

Ralph’s Rule of Redundancy once more holds true:
“Any film where one person (Jennifer Westfeldt in this case) takes on more than 2 key positions (Writer, Producer, Director and Star) has a major shortcoming: the absence of independent critical judgement, that results in something less than it might have been.”

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