Wednesday, February 24, 2010


War action\adventure

Igal Naor: Iraqi Republican Guard General Al-Rawi
Khalid Abdalla: Freddy, a native Iraqi
Matt Damon: U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller
Amy Ryan: Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent Lawrie Dayne
Michael O'Neill: the units commanding officer Colonel Bethel
Brendan Gleeson: C.I.A. Station Chief Martin “Marty” Brown
Greg Kinnear: Defense Intelligence Agent Clark Poundstone

Set during the early months of the Coalition occupation of Bagdad it starts slowly enough but once the action begins it hardly ever stops. The main question being raised is whether the stated justification for the war, the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, was an honest mistake or was there a more sinister explanation?

The extensive use of hand-held cameras conveys the almost out-of-control energy of the action sequences but the quick cuts often make it difficult to understand exactly what is going on. Fortunately the narrative structure at the end of the action clues you in to what has transpired.

The acting is uniformly good and the pacing fine although they could chop a half hour or so from the running time without losing a lot.

for war violence and language.

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