Thursday, February 4, 2010


Murder mystery

Mel Gibson: Boston Police Detective Tommy Craven
Bojana Novakovic: his 24-year-old daughter Emma
Jay O. Sanders: Whitehouse, one of Tom’s friends
Shawn Roberts: Emma’s boyfriend David Burnham
Danny Huston: Jack Bennett, CEO of Northmoor nuclear facility
Ray Winstone: CIA agent Darius Jedburgh
Damian Young: Republican Senator Jim Pine
Denis O’Hare: his advisor Moore
Caterina Scorsone: Emma's friend Melissa

What a mess: it starts off in a straightforward manner as a murder mystery then adds more and more characters to the point it is very difficult to keep things sorted out. And one of these characters (Jedburg) is impossible to understand what with the combination of a British accent and a propensity to mumble. So most of what he has to say is incomprehensible. Yet he is a key figure in all of this.

There are lots of twists and turns, frequently poorly explained so we are left wondering “what the heck is that all about?” Pretty well describes the whole thing.

for strong bloody violence and language.

• Jedburgh is sitting on bench in bright sunlight coming across diagonally. Tom joins him and after just few minutes together when Tom leaves the sun has shifted 90° and the orange colouration indicates it is near sunset.
• Tom asks to see John Bennett; is name is Jack.
• The make of the semi-automatic pistol most commonly carried by law enforcement in the USA is a Glock. The Model 22 magazine holds 15 bullets and the Model 23 has a capacity of 13. During a shootout beside the parkway Tom fires off at least 18 shots without reloading.

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