Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Leonardo DiCaprio: U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels
Mark Ruffalo: his partner Chuck Aule
John Carroll Lynch: Deputy Warden McPherson
Ben Kingsley: Dr. John Cawley, Chief psychiatrist at Ashecliffe Hospital
Max Von Sydow: Senior physician Dr. Jeremiah Naehring
Michelle Williams: Teddy’s wife Dolores
Patricia Clarkson: patient Rachel Solando

This is Leonardo’s show: he really gets a chance to show his acting skills and pulls it off beautifully. Perhaps his best performance ever? Not that the others are far behind mind you except for Ruffalo: he plays his character as a B-movie mob guy gangster that comes across as less than real, almost cartoonish.

The music is a strong element in setting the scene, even before the opening credits we know we’re into something mysterious. The camera work and overall look of the film is notable as well.

However with a running time approaching two and a half hours many will be anxious for this mystery thriller to end as it seems to go on forever.

for disturbing violent content, language and some nudity.

• While travelling by boat to the island Teddy and Chuck are standing in the corner of a railing. Although they do not move, when they arrive part of the railing is no longer there.
• Dachau, a World War II concentration camp seen in flashback was liberated on 29 April 1945, well after the winter snow had melted.
• Although supposedly dead, the young boy laying down on the grass on the right hand side moves his left foot ever so slightly.

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