Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Romantic comedy

Meryl Streep: Jane Adler, owner of a bistro bakery
Alec Baldwin: her ex-husband Jake, an attorney
Lake Bell: Jake’s wife Agness
Zoe Kazan: Jane’s youngest daughter Gabby
Hunter Parrish: Jane’s son Luke
Caitlin Fitzgerald: Jane’s oldest daughter Lauren
John Krasinski: Jane’s future son-in-law Harley
Steve Martin: Adam, an architect

This fast-paced comedy has some great lines and several amusing situations bound to provoke outright laughter from many viewers.

It is very entertaining film largely because of three seasoned thespians including Alec Baldwin in one of his best performances ever and Steve Martin showing a side of him not seen often enough. But Meryl Streep tops them both: once more she clearly demonstrates she is one of the very best actresses in movies today, able to handle a wide range of characters and emotions with great confidence and aplomb. That alone is worth the price of admission.

for some drug content and sexuality.

While having a drink at the hotel bar, Jane has her purse directly in front of her so she can keep an eye on it. When the camera position changes to view her from behind the purse without being touched is now close to her right hand so she can easily access it.

Not meant in any way as a criticism but just an observation, the score by Hans Zimmer falls short of what I’ve come to expect from him. In fact, his work pales in comparison to the upbeat music from the ‘60’s. Must have been an off-day.

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