Saturday, December 5, 2009


Crime thriller

Matt Dillon: Chief Officer Michael Cochrane with Eagle Shield Security
Columbus Short: newly hired armored truck guard Ty Hackett
Laurence Fishburne: Baines, one of his hotheaded coworkers
Skeet Ulrich: level-headed Dobbs
Fred Ward: their boss Duncan Ashcroft
Andre Jamal Kinney: Ty’s 14-year-old brother Jimmy
Milo Ventimiglia: Deputy Sheriff Jake Eckehart

As escapist entertainment it certainly works. But it’s best not to have your expectations too high because this caper offers little in the way of originality. The requisite car chases are well executed, the good guy-bad guy setup is there, the explosions loud and flashy.

The whole thing moves along at a good clip because of crisp editing and the thin story line.

for sequences of intense violence, some disturbing images and brief strong language.

• Patrolman Eckehart responds with the police code 10-48 (agent unavailable for assignment…out for coffee or whatever) yet he immediately leaves the hot dog stand and drives off. He should have used 10-4 indicating his intention to respond to the request from dispatch.
• Mike comes out of the factory with his shirttail hanging out on the right hand side and says something to the person in front of him. There is a quick reaction shot while that person responds then immediately back to Mike who in that instant tucked his shirt in and no longer looks unkempt.
• Holding the walkie-talkie as seen from in front of him Ty’s hand encircles it in the usual manner, about the midpoint point. But viewed from behind over his shoulder he’s seen holding it much nearer the top.

The correct term for these type of vehicles is a Cash In Transit armored truck or simply a CIT truck.

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