Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Robert De Niro: recent widower Frank Goode
Kate Beckinsale: his oldest daughter Amy, a partner in a marketing firm
Sam Rockwell: his son Robert, the conductor of symphonic orchestra
Drew Barrymore: his youngest daugter Rosie, a professional dancer

Reaching out to adult children has its challenges and sometimes with surprising results. Nicely paced with decent acting and not a lot of melodrama it also has its comedic moments.

A lot of the "older audience" will be able to relate to many elements of the story and so it is a reflection on life. Overall a nice pleasant diversion but not a “must-see”.

for thematic elements and brief strong language.

• Frank is overwhelmed with the selection of wines. Trouble is these are only available in a licensed Liquor Store since the NY State Liquor Authority allows grocery stores to sell only “wine products” (those that contain less than 6% alcohol by volume) which are typically referred to as wine coolers.
• A woman traveler tells Frank her name is Alice “from the Greek word meaning truth”. In fact it is derived not from Greek but from the Germanic given name Adalheidis meaning “noble type”.
• Robert throws his pack of cigarettes and it lands towards the front of a big box. When he goes to sit down in that spot they have conveniently moved out of the way and now rest further back.

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