Friday, December 18, 2009


Science fiction
Portions in the Na’vi language with English subtitles

Sam Worthington: former U.S Marine Jake Sully
Joel David Moore: biologist Norm Spellman
Sigourney Weaver: Program Director Dr. Grace Augustine
Stephen Lang: Security Chief Col. Miles Quaritch
Giovanni Ribisi: Senior Administrator Parker Selfridge
Michelle Rodriguez: former U.S Marine pilot Trudy Chacon
Zoe Saldana: Neytiri, a princess of the Na'vi tribe
Wes Studi: Eytukan, King of the Na’vi
C.C.H. Pounder: his wife Queen Mo’at
Laz Alonso: their son Prince Tsu’Tey

Fans of this genre of movie with an abundance of time on their hands will absolutely love it. This is a film of superlatives and excesses:
• photorealistic imagery done in beautiful colours
• beautiful rendering of imaginative creatures
• a good story (although lacking originality)
• intelligent use of 3D to immerse us rather than scare us
• some excellent acting
• and it is loud, very loud; in fact your ears are constantly being assaulted by the intense sound

But the main problem is that it goes on forever and ever; well ok for two hours and 42 minutes. But it seems longer. Especially the final battle. I didn’t time it but after a good 30 minutes I had seen enough and left.

for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking.

Avatar: noun
A human mind in an alien body, a representation of a real person in a virtual world.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

According to a certain 12 year old standing beside me, your review is spot on. It never ended!