Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Animated action\adventure

Dustin Hoffman: Roscuro the rat
Kevin Kline: the royal chef André
Matthew Broderick: Despereaux, a cute little mouse
Tracey Ullman: Miggery Sow, a poor orphaned farm girl
Emma Watson: Princess Pea
Sigourney Weaver: the Narrator

Despereaux conveys some very important social values; that it’s not just appearances that are important, one should be courageous and able to forgive. But that is not enough to outweigh the overall tone of despair and doom. Assuming of course the kids can figure it all out as the story is fairly complicated what with the two different worlds with nice guys among the not-so-nice guys and visa versa.

One other thing: the official classification is G but that gives no indication of what’s in the movie. The one I’ve assigned is more appropriate and consistent with other movies of this type. In all likelihood parents of young ones (4 and 5-year olds) might not want to expose their children to these things. And also save themselves a lot of explaining afterwards.

for some mild action and peril, the sudden death of someone, two startlingly scary instances, (one of a skull and another a mean-looking cat) and the expressed desire of some rats wanting to eat the lovely princess.

Perhaps it’s my imagination (or lousy memory?) but Miggery looks very much like Shrek’s wife Princess Fiona. Coincidence? I think not.

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