Thursday, December 4, 2008


With English subtitles as required

Jean-Claude Van Damme: JCVD, famous martial arts movie actor
Francois Damiens: Detective Bruges
Herve Sogne: Lt. Smith
Karim Belkhadra: Vigile, leader of the bad guys
Norbert Rutili: his partner Perthier

Fans of Jean-Claude Van Damme, better known as “the Muscles from Brussels”, will no doubt be absolutely thrilled to see their hero playing a more serious role. The rest of us probably could care less.

It seems the producers have thrown out the book on how to make a decent movie. The washed out colours, primarily a yellowish sepia, set a dreary tone as well as being downright boring. Perhaps to offset that the use of strong overhead lighting creates bright over-exposed areas. Weird.

Instead of sticking with a traditional linear time frame after seeing a snippet of action we are then taken back to some minutes before the action began to view again the first scene in its entirety plus a little bit beyond. Then the process is repeated. Weird.

Midway through the movie JCVD launches into a long monologue about his failing career, talking directly at the camera while somehow perched way above the others. It is entirely out of place and has no connection with what is going on below. Weird.

for language and some violence.

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