Friday, December 19, 2008


Based on a true story

Yolande Moreau: Séraphine, a poor housekeeper
Ulrich Tukur: German art dealer and critic Wilhelm Uhde
Anne Bennet: his sister Anne-Marie
And others no doubt

The singular most important thing one must have to view this movie is patience. Unfortunately mine ran out after an hour so I never did get to see the ending.

Essentially it evolves at a snail’s pace with a great deal of screen time spent on scenes that add nothing of consequence to the story. Case in point: as shown on the movie poster there is a long tracking shot of Séraphine as she slowly walks up a hill then laboriously climbs up a tree and sits on a branch. This takes about 2 minutes. And what has it to do with the rest of the movie? Nothing!

Do that kind of thing time and again and you wind up with a movie that goes on forever. It’s a shame because it seems it would have turned out to be an interesting story. I’ll never know.


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