Sunday, October 14, 2007


In French with English subtitles

Paul Arcand as Quebec’s answer to Michael Moore he takes a hard look at the province’s medical system and the preponderance of too many doctors to over-prescribing drugs without regard to the consequences.

However as a documentary it is more a recap of what is generally known with little in the way of new insights that warrant spending an hour and a half watching it. Perhaps to bolster our interest Arcand tries hard to make the situation seem worst than it is.

For example showing us how easy it is for teenagers to buy a couple packages of off-the-shelf products without being questioned by the clerk is of itself not a crime, as he would like us to believe. What is a crime is taking those medications and using elaborate methods to transform these pills into “street drugs” such as crack. I think the bad guys don’t need to resort to sending kids into drugstores to obtain their raw material.


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