Saturday, October 27, 2007


Crime drama

Amy Ryan: Helene, a single mother
Madeline O'Brien: her four-year-old daughter Amanda
Casey Affleck: Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie
Michelle Monaghan: his girlfriend and partner Angie Gennaro
Titus Welliver: Amanda’s uncle Lionel McCready
Amy Madigan: Amanda’s aunt Beatrice (Bea)
Morgan Freeman: Boston Police Captain Jack Doyle
Ed Harris: Detective Remy Bressant
John Ashton: his partner Nick Poole
Edi Gathegi: local Haitian drug lord Cheese

An intelligent well-written crime thriller that relies more on a good story line than lots of gore and much noise to make its point. If you pay attention there are clues (but no thunderclaps or zoom-in close-ups to tip you off) but like all good thrillers, not all of them lead anywhere. As it turns out, not everything is straightforward and there are moral issues that need to be dealt with.

Beautifully acted throughout but several people stand out in terms of their performance: Amy Ryan and surprisingly, Ed Harris who we’ve not seen do this well in years.

for violence, drug content and pervasive language.

Patrick’s car would not meet the Department of Transport highway code anywhere because it lacks a rear-view mirror. On the other hand, nothing intrudes when viewing the passengers from the front of the automobile as they ride to meet someone.

The decision by Ben Affleck to take up a role behind the camera as Director in my mind is a smart one because I never felt he was very good as an actor. His younger brother Casey continues to show us who is the real thespian in the family.

Banging down rails is street-talk, American slang for someone snorting “lines” of cocaine
A key is a kilo of drugs such as heroin or cocaine

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