Friday, October 19, 2007



Bill Murray: not sure who he is
Owen Wilson: Francis, the oldest (and bossiest) of the three brothers
Adrien Brody: Peter, his brother
Jason Schwartzman: Jack, the third brother other cast members I didn't get to see

I read somewhere that “Director Wes Anderson's films are an acquired taste.”
Obviously I have yet to attain that level of appreciation since I walked out after half an hour of what I consider to be absolute drivel.

Perhaps it got better but I have little patience with a comedy that goes nowhere (inside joke since virtually all the action at that point in time takes place on a train going somewhere in India). Other types of movies often build slowly but not a comedy: the funny stuff as to be there right off the bat or what’s the point?

At the risk of giving away the plot, perhaps I have a rather strange perception of what constitutes comedy but frankly I did not find any of the following funny at all:
 Bill Murray’s character runs after his train as it leaves the station but can’t catch up to it but Peter does
 In the restaurant car, Francis orders the meals for himself and his two brothers; they sit there demurely without comment
 Jack remarks that Peter is wearing his father’s glasses and “his prescription was not even the same as yours”

for language. That's a misake. It should be rated
F for Fergetaboutit!

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