Sunday, October 7, 2007


Crime drama

Jamie Foxx: FBI Special Agent Ronald Fleury, leader of the forensic team
Chris Cooper: Special Agent Grant Sykes, the explosives expert
Jason Bateman: Special Agent Adam Leavitt, the intelligence analyst
Jennifer Garner: Special Agent Janet Mayes, the forensics examiner
Ashraf Barhom: Colonel Faris Al Ghazi of the local police

Unlike most movies that jump right into it expecting the viewer somehow to know the background to what is going on, this one begins with a short history of Saudia Arabia that sets the scene.

Although not just big colourful explosions and noisy gun fights, there are enough of them to keep the action going. Acting is adequate, as the roles don’t demand a lot of anyone (except the Colonel) and the story is much like others of its kind.

for intense sequences of graphic brutal violence and for language.

Judging from the shadows, the softball game is being played sometime around noon so it would be too early for school classes in Washington D.C. since the East Coast is 7 hours behind Riyadh.

While being shown their accommodations one of the agents points out they are so tired after their long flight. However the actual flight time from Washington Dulles International Airport to King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is just a little over 12 hours not the 18 hours he mentions.

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