Sunday, June 17, 2007


Drama, Comedy
Mostly in French with English subtitles

Steve Buscemi: The Tourist
Juliet Binoche: Suzanne
Nick Nolte: Vincent
Bob Hoskins: The Customer
Natalie Portman: Francine
Ben Gazzara: The Husband

The title is somewhat misleading: the movie is about love in Paris (in all its various forms) not about loving Paris. This potpourri of eighteen short films by as many directors is an ambitious project to convey in just 5 minutes some aspect of the human endeavour in and about one of the arrondissements (neighbourhoods) of Paris.

Despite its impressive credentials (the list of directors reads like a who’s who with many top notch actors taking part) the time constraint obviously made it difficult to incorporate all three elements of good story telling (a beginning, a middle and an end) with the result a few go nowhere.

Overall what we get is an uneven film experience. Some of the segments are deserving of a 4 star, others less. A couple are really dull but there several that are brilliant. Some hit the mark while a few are way off. But stick around for the last segment about the experience of a postal worker from Denver. That alone is worth the price of admission.

for language and brief drug use.

Une profiterole is a cream puff.

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