Thursday, June 7, 2007


IMAX documentary

There’s no doubt the Alps never looked better on the screen. But after a while it becomes somewhat repetitive since there are just a limited number of ways to view them. On the other hand several shots are truly impressive, especially of the climbers on the mountain.

Unlike most IMAX films this one actually has a story to tell. But several things distract from the overall enjoyment of the movie: the extraneous bits such as the bungee-jumping and the family playing cards do not add anything germane to the subject matter and the ADR of the professor is amateurish and not up to professional standards at all.

for General Audiences.

ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) is the re-recording of dialogue in a sound studio during post-production. ADR is frequently used to replace the original recorded sound track because of its poor quality (often due to high levels of background noise) or to change the delivery or the inflection of a line.

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