Monday, June 4, 2007


Original title: Karov La Bayit
In Hebrew with English subtitles

National military service is compulsory for Jewish men and women over the age of 18 living in Israel. Men serve three years in the Israel Defence Forces while women generally serve two years. Once the soldiers complete their IDF combat training some choose to serve in the Mishmar HaGvul, the Israel Border Police. They undergo additional training in counter-terrorism, riot control as well as regular policework before being assigned to one of the Border Guard units around the country.

The Border Police deals with matters of internal security and combating terrorism, securing the seam region, controlling public disturbances and dispersing demonstrations, hostile terrorist actions and preventing crimes in the agricultural sector. They perform random I.D. searches on those who look suspicious (i.e., any and all Palestinians) and serve mainly in Arab villages and towns, near the country borders and in the West Bank. Approximately 20% of all Border Guard personnel are located in the City of Jerusalem alone. In this army the soldiers work a shift and go home at day's end.

Sharon Reginiano: the Commanding Officer
Naama Schendar: 18-year-old soldier Mirit
Smadar Sayar: her partner Smadar

The boredom and tedium of the job is reflected in the slow pace of this movie about women serving in the Israel army. The editing could be better because some scenes drag on too long in this low-budget production.

The story is a good one combining coming-of-age with the realities of growing up in a hurry. It comes across as very believable, in part because of the fine acting by all.

for some sexuality and violence.

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