Saturday, June 2, 2007


In Dutch and German with English subtitles.

Carice van Houten: singer Rachel Stein (renamed Ellis de Vries)
Derek de Lint: Gerben Kuipers, leader of the Dutch resistance
Thom Hoffman: Doctor Hans Akkermans, another member of the resistance
Sebastian Koch: Gestapo commander Ludwig Muentze
Waldemar Kobus: Muentze’s subordinate Günther Franken
Halina Reijn: Günther’s girlfriend Ronnie

Unlike most movies about the resistance to an occupying army, this one is not all about blowing up things to help the war effort. Instead, it shows how real people dealt with the situation and that things were not always black and white.

Although the movie is almost two and half-hours long, it does not seem like it because the story never gets boring. This is a big budget movie and the production values are consequently top notch. So is the acting with great performances by all, especially van Houten.

for violence, sex, nudity and profanity.

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