Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Christopher Walken: Dobbs' manager
Robin Williams: Tom Dobbs, talk show host
Lewis Black: Dobbs’ speech writer Eddie Langston
Laura Linney: Eleanor Green, an employee of Delacroy Voting Systems
David Alpay: her friend Danny
Rick Roberts: Hemmings CEO of Delacroy
Jeff Goldblum: his legal council, Stewart

This is a bit of a mixed bag. Robin Williams is at his best when given a chance to do his own thing but falters badly when having to deliver some lines written by someone else. Some of the comments/jibes are right on but others are unfunny, having been around for ages or simply in poor taste pandering to the pre-teen crowd I guess.
The supporting cast does a fine job but the editing needs to be addressed: the movie runs almost 2 hours which is far too long as a lot of the dialogue we could do without.

for language including some crude sexual references, drug-related material and brief violence.

Eleanor walks past her car which is parked facing the motel unit and gets change from the front desk. She then gets in the car and drives off without first backing up to get turned around.

Election of the President and Vice President of the United States is indirect. Although ballots list the names of the candidates, voters are actually choosing Electors when they cast their vote. These Electors, who have pledged to vote for a specific candidate, then cast the official (electoral) votes for those positions. There are currently 538 Electors. Therefore, in order to win the Presidency, it is necessary for the successful candidate to gain 270 electoral votes (a majority of 538).

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