Monday, October 9, 2006


Police drama

Matt Damon: Colin Sullivan, police recruit
Leonardo DiCaprio: another recruit, Billy Costigan
Martin Sheen: Captain Queenan of the Massachusetts State Police
Mark Wahlberg: his second-in-command, Staff Sergeant Dignam
Alec Baldwin: State Police Commander
Vera Farmiga: State Police psychologist Madolyn Madden
Jack Nicholson: Frank Costello, 70-year-old career criminal, head of the Boston Irish mob
Ray Winstone: his right-hand man, Mr. French

This is one gritty, tough-guy movie with language and violence to match. For fear of giving away too much of the plot, I'll say little except it can get a bit confusing so pay attention to what’s going on, especially at the beginning. After that things play out well enough but you need to get it straightened out right at the start.

In addition to the crisp editing (which makes the 2 hours fly by) there are excellent performances by several of the actors. Nicholson for one is at the top of his game. This part was made for him.

for strong brutal violence, pervasive language, some sexual content and drugs.

At one point in time an envelope is slipped beneath a pile of others and what is written on it is pretty much hidden. But in the next scene the person picking it up can clearly see what’s written on it.

The Scholastic Assessment Test (better known as the SAT test) is a standardised test frequently used by United States colleges and universities as an aid in the selection of incoming students. The test results have been linked with IQ; Mensa accepts individuals who score 1300+.

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