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The U.S. Coast Guard is one of five branches of the US Armed Forces and is the nation's oldest continuous seagoing service with responsibilities including Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, Aids to Navigation, Ice Breaking, Environmental Protection, Port Security and Military Readiness. In order to accomplish these missions the Coast Guard has 38,000 active-duty men and women, 8,000 Reservists, and 35,000 Auxiliary personnel who serve in a variety of job fields ranging from operation specialists and small-boat operators and maintenance specialists to electronic technicians and aviation mechanics.

Boot camp is located in Cape May, New Jersey and lasts 8 weeks. It is tough, both mentally and physically. Its purpose is to prepare the new recruit for life in the Coast Guard. Much of the training takes place in a classroom where valuable skills such as first aid, fire fighting, weapons handling, practical seamanship, and general Coast Guard knowledge are taught. In addition there are daily physical fitness classes and lessons in the pool being taught water survival techniques.

Kevin Costner: U.S. Coast Guard Senior Chief Ben Randall
Clancy Brown: Capt. William Hadley, commanding officer of the Kodiak Alaska duty station
Sela Ward: Ben’s wife Helen
John Heard: Capt. Frank Larson, commanding officer of the Training Center
Neal McDonough: drill instructor Jake Skinner
Ashton Kutcher: Jake Fischer, a champion swimmer and new recruit
Melissa Sagemiller: Emily Thomas, a teacher living in Cape May
Bonnie Bramlett: Maggie McGlone, owner of Maggie’s Bar

Perhaps not the most original movie about people who want to serve others, it is nevertheless one that is entertaining. In part because there is a lot of action, mostly in and around water. But what would you expect to see in a movie about the U.S. Coast Guard?

Some criticism might be levelled at the length of the movie (2 hours and 15 minutes) but time goes by quickly and it doesn’t seem that long.

for intense sequences of action/peril, brief strong language and some sexuality.

In all boot camps, beds have to be made up each morning ready for rigorous inspection.

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