Thursday, November 11, 2004


Comedy (yeah right)

Ben Affleck: Drew Latham, wealthy, spoiled, loopy, advertising executive
Jennifer Morrison: Drew’s girlfriend
James Gandolfini: Tom Valcos, owner of the home Drew grew up in
Catherine O'Hara: Tom's wife Christine
John Zuckerman: their son Brian
Christina Applegate: their daughter Alicia

I will not mince words: this one is terrible.

A preposterous story line (rich yuppie pays a family $250,000 so he can spend Christmas with them) coupled with acting that is either terrible (Affleck) or the characters are ones you’d rather not see that much of in the first place such as Gandolfini who never cracks a smile and spends most of his time yelling at people.

A warning:
the movie is heavily advertised and promoted as a comedy: it is not!

for sexual content, language and a brief drug reference.

Although Budweiser has paid for product placement the movie itself is enough to drive one to drink! We don’t need to be reminded of that by seeing a beer in practically every second scene.

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