Saturday, November 6, 2004



Pixar Animation Studios are well known in the industry having already produced both loveable “Toy Story I and II ” movies, the clever “A Bugs Life”, the adorable “Monster’s Inc” and most recently the funny “Finding Nemo”.

Craig T. Nelson: Bob Paar, a.k.a. the superhero Mr. Incredible
Holly Hunter: Helen, a.k.a. the superhero Elastigirl
Sarah Vowell: their daughter Violet
Spencer Fox: their oldest son Dash
Samuel L. Jackson: Frozone, Mr. Incredible’s long time pal
Brad Bird: Edna, the costume designer

This movie does not even come close to the previous efforts of the Pixar Studios. Although the level of computer animation is as good as the others, the story is not. It suffers from a slow period midway through as well as a protracted series of battles with a monster machine that looks like the brother to Dr. Octopus in the movie Spiderman 2. So much for creativity. The laughs (or even smiles) are few and it’s far too long (over 2 hours).

The tension between Bob and his wife due to his curious outings/unusual trips and lying about it takes away from the fun; sure it’s real but who needs it in a kid’s movie?

for action violence.

Although it’s geared to children, there are many scary moments and lots of cartoon violence that would be unsettling for small kids (under 6?).

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