Friday, November 19, 2004


Original title: Comme une image
In French with English subtitles

Marilou Berry: Lolita, a twenty-year old singer and aspiring actress
Jean-Pierre Bacri: Lolita’s famous writer father Etienne
Virginie Desarnauts: Etienne’s beautiful second wife Karine
Gregoire Oestermann: Etienne’s assistant Vincent
Agnès Jaoui: Sylvia Millet, voice teacher at the music conservatory
Keine Bouhiza: Sébastien, an aspiring journalist
Laurent Grevill: Sylvia’s husband Pierre, a struggling writer
Michele Moretti: Pierre’s long-time editor Edith

This movie will appeal to those who enjoy seeing the intrigue of the Parisian literary world and the mean spirited, uncaring, aloof, dismissive, arrogant, selfish, boorish, insulting, cruel, difficult kind of people that wallow in the abject worship of their fans to aggrandise their own inflated sense of self worth. I do not get any enjoyment from that so I walked out part way through the movie.

Considered by some as social satire, the film does not tell us anything we don’t already know that there’s a lot of angry people out there. And there are too many words. A novel needs words - lots of them - but a movie needs far fewer. Apart from its other faults the movie is “too talky” and it just rambles on and on.

for brief language and a sexual reference.

When Lolita and Sébastien are having dinner together with the fork in her right hand she is playing with her food and asks him a question. The camera angle shifts to get his response and now the fork is gone.

This is a real family affair: Agnès Jaoui and her long-time partner Jean-Pierre Bacri not only star in the movie they wrote it and she was the director.

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